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October 07, 2008



Glad you enjoy it! If anybody else wants to get their Mac OSX netbook fix, just email me at [email protected]

Nap Taas


Thanks for visiting and for the great job of installing a flawless version of OS X on my eee PC. Your post should save me tons of reply to those asking for your email.:-)


Thank you for this. I wonder if this will work on a LE1600.



So...nice job! I run OS X (yes, a licensed copy of Leopard) on an MSI Wind book, and love it. Have to ask, though...how'd you get that stylish screen back? You do that yourself?



Yes, I just used an airbrush to coat the Asus with a dull black paint. Then used a film sheet to paint the white apple logo (cut the apple pattern using an exacto knife.
BTW, the Asus now sports a beta version of Windows 7 http://technocop.typepad.com/techno_cop/2009/01/windows-7-experience-index.html.

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