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October 25, 2008



Hi, I was saving to buy my first Macbook , but now due to loosing my first job I can not really afford paying the Macbook price, so ive had to get my self an Asus eee 1000H , now seeing the new Aluminum Macbooks it really makes me sad, any way so ive now got a new 1000H , and would really like to put Apple Leoprd on it, but as I am a bit of a new comer to computers can you please advise me where I can find the information that's not too much for a new comer to understand, i would ask my farther but he is not home much thank you William



PM sent :-)


Great work, and thanks for the 'jobs quote.. definitely passed it around!
I'd like to know how much harder it was to get around the usual hackintosh suspects (native rez., Wifi, Mic in/out + speakers)with the 1000 series from EEE. I'd like to reward Asus for their pioneering spirit and well for giving us this whole netbook competition.. though I'm worried considering the Wind's Hackintosh process is probably at the end of my technical expertise.

Did you have to replace the internal Wifi card?
Would you recommend doing that over a Mac com. Usb Wifi?

Ps. and if there's a forum answering all these questions, you can just point me at that! =D


If you're here in Manila, I can help you install it. You can also get my guide here: http://rapidshare.com/files/161046837/GuidesMacOSXEee.zip.html . From Technocop's friend @shinrai ([email protected])

Rerto Jordans

The blog article very surprised to me! Your writing is good. In this I learned a lot! Thank you!

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