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November 30, 2008


Jay Bika

Hello Techno Cop (nice name!). Don't you find weird that pundits go on to say things about netbooks and how much they are no good and still people are still buying them like crazy?

How come that no one ever bothers to interview actual netbook owners and ask them what they use their mini laptops for and what they like and dislike THEN draw all conclusions?

For instance, when the Intel exec said that no one would use the netbook day in, day out had he bothered to ask netbook owners if they use their machines day in and day out, the general answer would have been "No!".

Anyway... great tech policing :)



I couldn't agree more with the need to survey consumers first. We have to give it, though, to Intel as there was no misrepresentation, I think, on their part insofar as consumer use is concerned. You are right that to support this sweeping claim about netbooks, they should have cited a consumer report.

I have a consumer report for them... During the last Black Friday sale and for the past 2 months at least, Netbooks are on the top 5 products in terms of computer sales at Amazon :-)


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