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January 02, 2009



Fantastic man!
I read your - How to digitalize - post and i was deeply impressed.
I'm currently living in japan, and i ordered an ebook reader caled bebook and i'm in love.

I have access to tons of english books online but japanese pdf's are very hard to come by. So I'm thinking of digitalizing them and see what happens. Does your machine digitalize japanese text into searchable text?

I'm going to see if doing your method is a fast way to convert my japanese libraries to pdf so i can take em on my ebook reader.

If you have any more tips on what machinery you are using, how you have improved on your methods, or resources, feel free to contact me!!

On the road to digitalization.


I think you have a thorough understanding in this matter. You describe in detail all here.


Happy New Year! The author write more I liked it.

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